About Me!


I love baking.  I mean, I REALLY love baking.  I find it to be an incredibly satisfying art-form that tastes delicious! 


Ever since I was little, I've loved being in the kitchen with my Mom.  Some of my best memories are about waiting for cookies or cakes to finish baking in the oven, and how that gloriously warm and homey smell filled the whole house. 


As I grew, so did my passion.  I loved making boxed cakes for family birthdays and special events. I tried "hacks" like adding mayonnaise or Dr. Pepper or pudding mixes to boxed cake mixes and they were better.  Then I began trying to make my cakes completely from scratch.  For some reason, those often turned out flat as fritters.  My family loved me enough to eat them, and encouraged me to continue baking.  That's when my baking really jumped to the next level!  


I now have my own Cakery Business where I'm baking and selling my work, not just for family and friends, but for various clients and their events as well.  I enjoy stepping outside my comfort zone to try out new ideas to suit my clients' commissions.  I love seeing how my skills improve with every cake I bake and decorate.   I've learned much about the science behind why having premium ingredients makes a world of difference in the finished product.  Whether it's boiling down 10 lbs. of strawberries to flavor my fresh strawberry cake or making meringue mushrooms for a Yule Log, I love going the extra mile to give my clients the absolute best cakes I possibly can.  I'm always researching new techniques and testing them out.  I LOVE seeing how excited my clients are that their cake is not only delicious, but that each is also something of an artistic yet totally edible surprise!  


This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.


 Sarah Epps